T-shirts, mugs and hoodies with a portrait of YOUR vehicle

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Recent examples:

Pinzgauer hoodie
Pinzgauer 4×4 Canvas and Hardtop Unisex Hoodie
Land Rover Defender Pulse Battlefield Ambulance t-shirt
Holly the Landbulance Pulse Battlefield Ambulance Children’s T-Shirt
MAN HX60 t-shirt
Unisex MAN HX60 with box 3 with T. E. Lawrence quote on the back
Traversity MAN HX60
MAN HX60 11oz Mug

Something else

We are in the process of converting an MAN HX60 into a camper.
Our sister website, www.ottothetruck.com includes a guide for each step in the conversion.
If you are on the same creative journey as us, we hope that it will inspire you,
and maybe help you avoid the mistakes that we’re about to make.

Also, check out my other project, Mr. Inappropriate. If you sign up you’ll get to find out some amazing things!

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While all of the designs on this website are one-offs, we do occasionally sell them to other customers